A Tale Of Real Love

A Tale Of Real Love – Chamber 选自《Ghost Stories and Fairy-Tales》专辑



《A Tale Of Real Love》歌词:
She was sweet and seventeen
first time from home
he was a stranger
to her and in the town
where they
first met
in a club in Paris
long time ago

This is how the fairy-tale begins
a tale of true love

She’d changed into an angel
shining wisdom and love
when they met again
she’d chosen him to be
her first man
the first time
in tenderness
and warmth

And then they felt real love
as it’s meant to be
so deeply, so true
universal and free
without a thought
of distrust
they grew

This is how the fairy-tale goes on
a tale of true love

He never thought that this could change
she was a dream come true
he made her a woman
she’d healed his wounds
so their minds
and their hearts
and bodies
were one

But the gods have chosen
another destiny
and after several years
she knew, she had to go
and left him
cause angels
are free
like the wind

Since then, they’re separated
still there’s this love they had
even though they’ve taken
separate ways
they belong
and always

This is a tale of
real love


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