When Love and Death Embrace

歌手:Dark the Suns
Dark the Suns – When Love and Death Embrace 选自《The Dead End》专辑




Formed in Valkeakoski, Finland, in 2005, goth metal band Dark the Suns were originally meant to be the one-man vehicle of vocalist and guitarist Mikko Ojala. Eventually, the group expanded, taking on Juha Kokkonen on keyboards, Inka Tuomaala on bass, and Eino Kauppila on drums. Before the others had joined the cast, however, Ojala did find the time to record a demo, The Sleeping Beauty, which was well received by the regional metal press. Ojala then moved the project — and himself — to Jyväskylä, which is when the other members joined. The band then entered the studio to record a follow-up demo in 2006. The resulting work (the demo version of In Darkness Comes Beauty — not to be confused with the “official” release listed below) was a success, attracting the attention of Firebox Records, which signed Dark the Suns to a deal. Their debut full-length, In Darkness Comes Beauty, was released in 2007.


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