Grand Idea

GhostDog – Grand Idea 选自《First Book of Samuel》专辑



With their songs about alienation and the struggle to find ones way in an ice-cold, efficient world delivered with an inherent musical and literary quality, Ghost:Dog has left their mark on the musical scene in Norway since their first liveshows as support for Madrugada on their tour of Norway in 2006.

Later the same year the band participated at the Norwegian Zoom bandchallenge, arranged in Trondheim before going on to By:Larm and a nomination for band of the year

In 2008 Ghost:Dog finally decided to record their forthcoming debut “First book of Samuel” and sat out to find the right producer and the right studio. The obvious first choice was John Cornfield and Sawmills studio in Cornwall, England.

09.02.09 Ghost:Dog released their first single “Grand Idea”, on their own label “Celestial Rock”, with distribution through EMI music Norway. “First book of Samuel”, set to be released in mid -09, is a collection of songs whereof some where written out of sheer therapeutic necessity, as the sole means of venting in the proverbial industrialized-small town-prison of seemingly perpetual gloom. The rest of the material was added later, in profound gratitude over the rescue operation performed by love at a moment in life where its outcome seemed long since decided and by forehand written in the stars.


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